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History of the Kegalu Vidyalaya Old Boys' Association

Historically, as a fulfillment of a need, established by the “Parama Vinnyartha” Buddhist Company, through this great school, a number of good-natured children who are engaged in various professions have been gifted throughout the country and around the world. Namely to promote the school and create mutuality among the students.

According to reports, an initial meeting was held at the Kegalle Inn in March 1946. Brother C. Ranatunga acted as the secretary, and Mrs. Anula Udalagama, who was the acting principal at the time, presided over the meeting. Another significant meeting took place in 1959, with Mr. Summer Tunga, a teacher at the school, serving as the secretary. The main objective of this meeting was to construct buildings for the newly established science department. It appears that the students’ union supported Mr. Perera’s efforts. The increase in the number of students entering university science departments from Kegalu College since the early 1960s is proof that his efforts were successful.

Mr. Perera, who laid the foundation of science education at the college, later served as the Principal and Examination Commissioner of Pinnawala Madhya Maha Vidyalaya. It is clear that the foundation he laid led to Kegalu College and Pinnawala College becoming two of the leading schools of science education in the Kegalle district today. Various development activities were carried out by the association in the college during the 1960s. The first half of the 1970s was a period when Kegalu College faced various crises. During that decade, Mr. R.H.D. Ranaweera and Mr. P. Weeraratne, who worked as teachers, updated the activities of the association as nominal secretaries.

The Kegalu College Junior Alumni Association was established in 1983. Brother D.M.C. Dissanayake was the founding president, and Brother Nimal Senaratne served as the secretary. Following them, Brother Upsara Alahakon became the president, Brother Ratnasiri Wimalasena served as the secretary, and Brother Ananda Kularatne was the treasurer. This organization continued its support for the school’s development activities until the early 1990s.

K.Somadasa Weerasinghe was appointed as the first non-principal president in 1982, with Mr. Senanayake, the principal at the time, taking the lead. According to the association’s constitution, the principal holds the lay patronage ex officio.

Life membership commenced on February 14, 1987. A joint committee of junior and senior alumni associations held a meeting on April 24, 1986, presided over by Brother Upsara Alahakon, to make this decision. The initial Life Membership fee was Rs. 250, and Mr. Dharma Deva Jayasinghe was the first to register.

Prakrama Godigamuwa,
Former Secretary,
Old Boys’ Association